ZyGain review 2017

ZygainThe male enhancement industry is never short of new and interesting products that introduce something new to the market. Take ZyGain as an example. ZyGain is a male enhancement system composed of capsules, a chewing gum, and the centerpiece – ZyGain Deluxe Andro Extender Device. It combines almost every product innovation that the market has to offer, and with a three-piece product system, the chances for it to fail is slim – or is it?


The idea is to approach penis enlargement in two fronts – with supplements, and with a stretching device similar to that of a traction device used to re-align the spine. The supplements take care of improving your blood flow, while ZyGain Deluxe Andro Extender Device pulls penis tissues apart to stimulate the expansion of the chambers in the penis when erect.

The ZyGain product system

ZyGain sells a number of ingredients that target male enhancement. Its products include a chewing gum, capsules, patches, and the Deluxe Andro Extender Device. Obviously, having a product system makes it easier to sell four kinds of products to just one customer, but are there really any results coming from the system?