ZygainThe male enhancement industry is never short of new and interesting products that introduce something new to the market. Take ZyGain as an example. ZyGain is a male enhancement system composed of capsules, a chewing gum, and the centerpiece – ZyGain Deluxe Andro Extender Device. It combines almost every product innovation that the market has to offer, and with a three-piece product system, the chances for it to fail is slim – or is it?


The idea is to approach penis enlargement in two fronts – with supplements, and with a stretching device similar to that of a traction device used to re-align the spine. The supplements take care of improving your blood flow, while ZyGain Deluxe Andro Extender Device pulls penis tissues apart to stimulate the expansion of the chambers in the penis when erect.

The ZyGain product system

ZyGain sells a number of ingredients that target male enhancement. Its products include a chewing gum, capsules, patches, and the Deluxe Andro Extender Device. Obviously, having a product system makes it easier to sell four kinds of products to just one customer, but are there really any results coming from the system?

roaring-tigerRoaring Tiger MAX is a male-enhancement pill that was created by RT Naturals, LLC and is endorsed by physician Dr. Stephen Lamm. Claiming to have helped thousands of men in just ten years, this natural supplement is said to help men successfully increase their penis size.

The idea of naturally increasing penis size has always been a controversial topic. Roaring Tiger MAX does not claim to permanently alter the size of any man’s penis, but rather says it temporarily will increase size by an average 30%. It does, however, promise to help its consumers enjoy an improvement in erections, sexual function, and overall sexual health. The active ingredients used are Horny Goat Weed, L-Arginine, and Tribulus Terrestris.

Roaring Tiger MAX

For added results when using this product, Roaring Tiger MAX urges men to follow their natural-enhancement program. This product works best if used as a daily supplement and paired with specific exercises. Some men may experience weight loss while on this pill. This product is also available as a patch or wipe, but is far more recognized for its pill form.

Clinical Studies for Penis EnlargementPenis enlargement has become one of the most debated topics of the 21 century. The industry has gone through several controversies which, as a result, have led to a number of clinical studies. The studies that have been conducted directly speaking to the possibility of using substances or external forces to enlarge the penis.

While a few doctors have come out in strong support of the penis enlargement, there are many who are completely ignorant to the subject. Much of the knowledge that exists today on this topic comes from men who have successfully used natural exercises to enlarge their penis.

The successes that they received from using these methods have led them in to giving testimonials on the how it was achieved. There is still a lot of skepticism that surrounds this topic. In the past, the art of penis enlargement was spread using word of mouth and not mainstream advertising.

Dr Brian Richards, who lives in the United Kingdom conducted studies into the subject of penis enlargement, he also published a number of books and many research papers which are directly related to male enhancement. The studies that he carried out took place in the 1970s and they were directly focused on the promoting effective ways of to enlarge the penis and expose the ones that were false.

A number of studies were carried out on a group of men for a period of three months. It was found that after completion 80 percent of the men who took part, had seen an increase in the size of their penis. The method soon came to be known as the Chatham Method.

The gains in penis length as reported by the test subjects ranged from a minimum of .94 inches to maximum of 1.4 inches. For girth, men who used the Chartham Method saw results ranging from a minimum of .55 inches to maximum of 1.2 inches.

These results are clear proof that penis enlargement is a possibility. Modest gains can be achieved if the proper methods are used.


Maxman II Penis Enlargement PillsPenis enlargement pills are infamous for being spammed all over the internet. It seems that in every e-mail inbox, regardless of the country or the provider, penis enlargement pills have made an appearance.

This has given the products, the majority of which are little more than sugar pills, a nefarious reputation world-wide. Alas, for the select few products that are actually based on medical science, it’s an extremely negative image to shake.

Penis Enlargement Pills and their legitimacy

It’s important to understand that penis enlargement pills are still relatively new in terms of science and their application. The advent of the internet has made it possible for anyone with access to placebo pills and a laser etching machine to promote their own brand of penis enlargement pills, and the fact that the product (and hence the market) is so new is only helping these placebos sell.

In reality, a legitimate penis enlargement pill such as VigRx Plus should be obtained only from the manufacturer directly. Not only does this cut out any possible fraud but it also assures you that you’re receiving the real product.

A real penis enlargement pill:

Is designed around sound scientific principals  Be it to increase blood flow to the penis or help your body develop and maintain an erection, there are certain scientific methods that can be followed to achieve the goals of a penis enlargement pill.

Is not full of caffeine, energy boosters, or sugar It’s a penis enlargement pill, not a diet pill or an energy pill. It has one purpose and one purpose only, so make sure that you aren’t buying diet pills that have been rebranded as penis enlargement pills.

Are designed to serve the market as necessary Don’t expect a penis enlargement pill to also cure your tennis elbow or athletes foot.

Before you commit to a purchase be sure to research the product that you’re considering and seeing how the favor is. Remember, every product will have positive and negative reviews. What you’re looking for is something that suits your tastes and your lifestyle.


Treatment for Penis Size ConcernsWhen asked, most men will say that they would like to increase the size of their penis. Penis enlargement is a fact of life and a common desire for men all over the world since the dawn of time. How many men can actually say that they are properly educated in penis size though?

In school, usually in middle school and high school, we receive sex education. We learn where babies come from and all the different parts of the male and female sexual organs. What they do not generally teach us is what is considered normal when it comes to penis size. As a result, boys are teased in locker rooms about the size of their undeveloped penises. Thus, begins the never ending want for a larger penis.

As adults, men are still concerned with their size. Men seek larger penises and are constantly looking for ways to improve their sexual performance. And who can blame them? Our society is constantly putting pressure on men to have a bigger, longer, stronger penis.

Some Facts about Penis Size

According to studies, the average penis size is 7 inches when erect and about 3 inches flaccid. Micropenis, or Small Penis Syndrome is a penis that is 3 inches or less when erect. In the case of someone with SPS, augmentation may be suggested if not necessary depending on the severity. Men with smaller penises can normally still perform in the bedroom and can conceive children, but the fact of the matter is, who wants to be average or less than average and just skate by when it comes to sex? Men want to feel confident with them selves. And they want to be able to please their partners, as well as themselves in between the sheets.

It is no wonder why there are so many products available for men today for penis enlargement. Some of these products and devices are effective and can genuinely help men gain a larger penis and perform better in the bedroom. It is important that men be educated on which products are effective and which products don’t make the cut. Choosing the right product or combination of products is key for when your goal is penis enlargement. I recommend the use of male extra pills, you can see some guys results at http://maleextra-results.com

The next step in penis education is learning how to use your penis to please your partner. Penises come in all different lengths, widths, and curvatures. Knowing how to use different positions and the anatomy of your partner is important and will get you one step closer to becoming a sexual God.

When it comes to sex performance the size of the penis is the key factor to having higher performance, no one should lie to you that size does not play a role, many at times have we come across people who are left or divorced because of unsatisfactory sex due to small penis, we currently have many options to penis enlargement it is not only surgery that many feared to come open and face the wrath of the knife.

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A good option for penis enlargement is the vimax pills, vimax pills are manufactured from the highest quality herbal ingredients from all over the world. These ingredients in vimax pills increase blood flow, increased blood flow makes you to have a hard erections. Follow the doctor's recommendation and you won't have any side effects when you use vimax pills it safe and effective because in a few weeks you increase the size of your penis by about 1-3 inches. vimax pills is recommended for stressed and aged people to increase their performance. Take one dose of vimax pills so that you may not overdose.

erectile-dysfunction treatment Sustaining a sexual activity has been the pride of nay man. Anything less than that might lead to mixed feeling of self-rejection, denial and isolation from your partner. However, the occurrence of an erectile dysfunction (ED) does not imply the end of your sexual activities. Sometimes it can be a warning of underlying disease which needs your attention. This condition should not be taken lightly due to a web of relationship with other diseases which might ruin your health.

What is ED?

ED refers to a condition in which a man is not able to sustain erection long enough for sexual satisfaction. Sexual activity is underpinned by the nervous system coordinated by the brain. When a man is in a prime state of having sex, the penis nerves sends message to the brain which triggers a series of blood flow needed to harden and keep the penis in action for a sustained time. Therefore ED is a condition that leads to breakdown in information flow between the nerve ends in the penis and the brain leading to a failed erection.

Any activity or condition which leads to communication breakdown between the penis’s nerves contributes to theoccurrence of this unfortunate condition in males. ED can either be caused by physical condition, medical condition or psychological condition.

Physical Conditions Contributing to Impotency

There are four main physical conditions likely cause an ED. These are Vasculogenic, anatomical, hormonal and neurogenic. Vasculogenic physical conditions are factors leading to natural blood flow to the penis. Some of the causes of this condition include diabetes, high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases. Hormonal conditions affect the right balance of male hormone levels such hypogonadism condition which inhibit the production of male hormones such testosterone in the body. Other hormonal conditions include hyperthyroidism associated with overproduction of thyroid hormone and hypothyroidism associated with low production of thyroid hormones in the body. Anatomical conditions are injuries leading to change of the physical structure of the penis they may include physical injuries, penis surgeries and peyronie’s disease which alters the tissues of the penis. Lastly, neurogenic conditions are factors leading to poor coordination of the nervous system responsible for triggering specific changes in the body. Some of the leading neurogenic conditions include stoke, spinal cord injuries as well as the Parkinson’s disease.

Medical Conditions Leading to ED

Certain prescribed medicines have been found to cause erectile dysfunction. Some of the leading medicines likely to trigger an ED include fibrates, diuretics, antihistamines, anti-androgens and antihypertensive among others.

Psychological Factors

Anxiety and depression are two leading psychological factors that may rob you a happy sex life. Prolonged depression interferes with your emotions which convey a wrong message to the brain frequently and this impact on the performance of the nervous system. Anxiety hyped emotions which subject one to undesirable state leading to poor coordination of the brain. A prolonged anxiety can lead to anxiety disorder which completely corrupts the nervous system and coordination essential to trigger blood flow needed to harden the penis and sustain sexual activity.

Other Factors Causing Erectile Dysfunction


A part from the three main causes, there are a few factors such as abusing illegal drugs, cycling, alcohol abuse, frequent physical exhaustion and emotional factors such as past relationship problems and sexual abuse suffered.

Erectile dysfunction Treatment

An effective ED treatment is rooted on the causal agent. For instance, medical conditions will require medical treatment of the underlying disease such as diabetes, high blood pressure and if a certain drug prescribed for another disease is the cause, a change of treatment method should be administered after consultation with a physician. ED can be treated medically or non-medical and this is based on what caused the condition. You can also find a good .

Non-medical treatment methods

Some of the widely used natural treatment method for ED includes change of lifestyle which may require one to workout, avoid excessive consumption of alcohol, and avoid abusing drugs and reduced cycling as well as striving to attain the right emotional balance through seeking counseling services to help you deal with one’s past life which might be haunting their present current sex life.

Medical Treatment Method

One of the popular medical treatments to ED is the administering of Phosphodiesterase-5, a drug used to boost blood flow to the penis. Also the use of sex enhancing drugs such as Viagra has been used to treat ED but should be used cautiously due to the damaging side effects associated with abuse of such drugs. As mentioned above, ED caused by underlying disease such as diabetes among others will require medical treatment of such diseases.


vigrx plus for erectile dysfunctionVigrx plus pills are very effective supplements that help men to enhance the length and girth of their penis. It is considered as the most powerful and safe natural herbal male enhancement supplements that are made of all the natural ingredients and thus it is a safe supplement to use that does not have any kind of side effects. This supplement can be used by men to augment their sex life as these pills are manufactured in the FDA approved facility. Thus the user can be confident regarding the quality of these pills. The users of these pills have experienced total satisfaction and confidence as attaining wider and larger penis as these pills have been successful in acquiring harder, bigger and long lasting erections with the vigrx plus supplements.

The effectiveness of vigrx plus pills is due to its contents that act by accelerating the flow of blood throughout the body. Thus it increases the flow of blood to the penis as well and therefore it produces powerful erections along with providing a penis with increased length and girth. These pills also act as a natural sexual enhancer thereby increasing the stamina, libido and sexual desire of the person. The strength of the ejaculation is increased by these pills which helps in building stronger erections and reduces the chances of premature ejaculation. It also helps in enhancing the sexual performance of a person along with increasing the volume of semen, attaining more intense, stronger and pleasurable orgasms.

Vigrx plus pills helps in augmenting the overall sexual health of the person and sexual performance and thus it should be consumed thirty minutes prior to the sexual activity. The advantages that a person achieves with these pills is that with the longer penis a person can investigates into the special nerve endings and into the more sensitive areas of a woman.

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